YOUng AgRifood European INnovators (YOUAREIN)

The food production sector is a crucial component of the European economy. However, its economic and environmental sustainability is becoming an increasingly central issue in international debates. Whilst maintaining its operation despite recurring vulnerabilities in the food supply chains, the sector also has an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and negative environmental impacts. To drive the needed changes for better sustainability and resilience, the development of innovative skills and technologies in the food industry is critical. Entrepreneurs can be leading drivers of innovation in the food sector and if sufficiently supported and educated, can successfully develop solutions to tackle the sector’s key challenges. The YOUAREIN project recognizes this opportunity and aims to equip a new generation of food entrepreneurs with the business skills needed to launch enterprises that are not only successful but also committed to environmental responsibility.

The YOUAREIN project aims to foster cooperation between universities and the food manufacturing sector to develop innovative training activities and teaching materials, which can then be replicated in European universities. Joining experts from higher education and the food industry together with European students, YOUAREIN will contribute to expanding the availability of practical educational materials that teach entrepreneurial skills and are linked directly to the realities of the market.

Through the YOUAREIN project, students and young entrepreneurs will have access to an extensive online course with information on various sustainable food production techniques and business models, providing them with the necessary skills to start their own agri-food businesses. By integrating entrepreneurship training into the higher education curriculum, the YOUAREIN approach will help bridge gaps in teachers’ knowledge and the lack of teaching tools that deal with aspects related to business creation.

YOUAREIN is a project funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program. It is coordinated by the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Szkola Glowna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego).